Monday, May 31, 2010

Fun with EAD and my new Bike!!

I got a new bike for Mother's day! I love it, but it was kind of plain. I recently ordered some vinyl rub-ons from E.A.D Designs. I LOVE them! They come in all sorts of colors and designs, and they recently started a stickerz line that is AMAZING! Here are a few pictures of the bike. My camera isn't very nice, so the glare from the metal is annoying, but you get the cuteness right?!!!

The rub-ons I used are the retro spring kit in pink!!
OOHH and just in case you were interested the Bike is a 
Trek Navigator 1.0 16.5 inch!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


My friends little girl Olivia turned 1 last month and I didn't get her anything because I was looking for a girly robot gift. I love all things robots, space, an gnomes. Better throw mushrooms in there too! I was looking around online and I found a hand made girl robot plush toy. I said to myself "Self, you can make that". So I ran, well drove, down to the local fabric store and bought some really cute pink fabric and some felt! I think she turned out super cute! I embroidered an O on the heart for Olivia and crocheted the scarf. I haven't crocheted  in so long, I was very excited that it all came back to me so fast!  I think I might try some doll clothes for Jamie next!!