Saturday, January 17, 2009

Titus Jame Annat

Titus James is almost 2 weeks old so I finally have a second to catch up on some reading and writing! I just wanted to let you know about the little guy and post a picture of a few scrapbook pages I made for hi first pictures(and pictures of him too of course). He was born January 5th at 4:01 am, weighed 11.2 lbs and was 23 1/2 inches. I think that is all the info. My husband and I decided that we were done having kids, so I got my tubes tied and am recovering really well. I thought I was going to be down and out for a few weeks but I was up and around in about 5 days!! I think birthing an 11 pound baby was harder on me than the little surgery. God Bless, I know he sure has blessed me!

Friday, January 2, 2009

After Christmas update

Yay, I have a new keyboard so I can update my blog! I was using two keyboards to make up for the keys that didn't work on both of them!!!

So Christmas is over and boy was it a good one! The Lord blessed me greatly with my sister! Micheal and Becca were supposed to be in Boise for Christmas but they got stuck in Seattle so Jeremy drove 5hours through ice and snow to pick them up. They got to stay for 5 whole days, which was way more than I thought they were going to be here when we first got them. I got to hold my new nephew finally, and he is so cute(and huge)!! My husband got me a new bible for Christmas which I despratly needed. My old one is 10 years old and missing the entire book of Genesis. The girls has a blast playing with their cousins and all the people that came by to say Hello to the Thompsons while they were here. This has been a pretty tough year for me and it completely redeemed itself this last few weeks. I wasnt excited at all about the Holidays but I learned that life always has a few surprises for you.
I am off to the doctor today, hope they have some good things to tell me. I only have a week and two days left, so anytime I should have a sweet baby boy in my hands!!