Friday, December 19, 2008


I finally got outside with the girls to play in the snow! They are so fun! I kept asking if they were cold and always got a no. Jamie fell and got a bloody lip so we had to come inside, and they came willingly. I thank the Lord for such great kids, even when I think they are awful brats, they prove me wrong by listening so well when I least expect them too!! Marlie only had one day of school this week, making it an almost 3 weeks off, hope Titus decides to come into the world during her time off.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Yes it has been awhile! I have been working on a few projects and am ready to finally post some pictures of one of them! It is an advent calender that I made out of felt and my own two hands! I used a sewing machine to attach the pockets, which was a task with my inability to sew a straight line! I saw this in pottery barn kids and thought to myself "I can make that" so I did, just changed it to fit my liking and saved myself about 55 dollars! Marlie helped me pick out what to put on the pockets, she is so much fun lately!! I need to start on my Christmas cards and I am making a few ornaments for the nieces and nephews in OK, so I will post some more later! I remember being very crafty when i was 8 months pregnant with Jamie too, makes the time go by faster. OH and speaking of Jamie, she is fully potty trained! She even goes by herself now, which is a feat for her, she likes to be needy!!!! I am so proud of her and am hoping that this month she has before baby gets here is enough to keep her from regressing. It feels so nice not to have diapers sitting on my shelf!!