Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blast Off!

I was going to apply for a Design team, but i got cold feet and ran out of time! This was one of the projects that I made for it! I found this frame at IKEA for 2 dollars! I got three and am going to make one for each child! I need stock up on some more supplies for the other two though! I used EAD Blast off  and Alphabet Vinyl and some rub ons I bought from Sensy a long time ago!! I thought maybe I would add a picture later instead of leaving the mirror! I am bot sure yet though!

The photo is not so great, but you get the picture!!!!


Jenn said...

awe, it's super cute!!

Anonymous said...

Silly you and your cold feet. Love the frame it looks really cute.

Amy said...

Such a cute idea! Love Ikea and your frame is so fun!