Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sew Busy

I am DONE! Woohooo. I have spent so much time sewing and crafting these last few weeks. I had a lot of fun, but Titus doesn't like it when I don't pay attention to him!! I have scrapbooked, paper crafted, sewed pillowcases and a quilt. Oh and made a few make shift dog leashes for the girls' stuffed dogs!!!

 I made this banner for Titus' Birthday coming up.
It was another little Boys birthday so I hung it up for him and made his name. I think I may just leave it hanging up until after Titus' Birthday!

The quilt I made was for my Husband who is a HUGE Ducks fan and has been asking for a Ducks blanket for a long time. I finally made him one and was so proud of it I had to give it to him early!! He loves it, keeps his legs warm while he is playing XBox!! 

Now off to wrap the rest of the presents and put them "above" our tree!