Friday, December 19, 2008


I finally got outside with the girls to play in the snow! They are so fun! I kept asking if they were cold and always got a no. Jamie fell and got a bloody lip so we had to come inside, and they came willingly. I thank the Lord for such great kids, even when I think they are awful brats, they prove me wrong by listening so well when I least expect them too!! Marlie only had one day of school this week, making it an almost 3 weeks off, hope Titus decides to come into the world during her time off.


Jenn said...

Isn't it fun! We went out the fist day and made a snowman, and now the girls are sick, so we haven't been out again. :( I was hoping to maybe to a little sledding, but we don't own one and don't want to drive to fred meyer! lol

oh and we got to watch the snowplow almost run into a stuck truck this morning! hehe

mama griffith, said...

hi! Im soooo glad you updated your blog. so the new baby is going to be titus? Im really glad you two are having a boy. Where are you going to have him? astoria?? well I hope you have a good delivary and a Great christmas. Isnt snow much better than rain?

mama griffith, said...

oh btw...we are going out to the fort george resteraunt at 5:30 pm the 22nd and then a movie at 7:05 at the theatre in town we are going to see 4 christmas. your invited to come and help me celebrate my birthday...all 27 years!