Wednesday, September 30, 2009

School and crafting!

 Marlie has been bring home a lot of stuff from school that I need to hang up. Homework chart and sharing schedule, and a few art projects that all need to be  on display. I took an old cork board I had and made it for her work. The Marlie's work tag was made with Torendi's September kit of the month and a paper packet from the store! I love the stuff they are coming out with, so FUN!! Marlie helped me make the thumb tacks by gluing chip board to the push pins! I am going to paint the border eventually, but need to find the right color!!


Jenn said...

so cute! want to make one for me!? :)

I need a cork board for my craft room bad! (although I might go magnetic, havent' decided)

mama griffith, said...

good idea! nice to see you posting again :)