Sunday, September 6, 2009


  I have always been a procrastinator, my whole Senior speech was on the subject. It hasn't let me down much, but it seems that I have been had! I waited to long to purchase Marlie's school supplies and now, I only have half of the list to send to school with her. Should I pretend we are poor and then forget about it, or should I be a responsible adult and send a note?! Kinding af course, the supplies will be there by the end of the week. I honestly forgot it was Labor day weekend or I would have went sooner.
  Marlie is super excited to be starting 1st grade this year. Her teacher is Miss White and she is doing a pirate theme in her class all year! I hope they get to dress up at some point! Mars is stoked to be at school all day, but I am thinking she doesn't quite understand what that means yet. The first week of school she is going to be very hungry because she talks so much and doesn't eat her lunch at lunch time. I am looking forward to getting on a schedule again, I sure am growing up fast!


Anonymous said...

There is an oil for that! JK but really! Pirates are so rad. I can't wait to hear more about how that goes this year! She sounds like my kind of teacher!

Anonymous said...

OK so I don't have an account and was going to see if you could figure out who wrote that!! Just a hint. She is your younger sister!! ;)