Thursday, April 23, 2009


I pride myself in being a dork, I happily declare it to all who meet me! But I am a big fake! I hardly ever watched Sci-Fi (well at least not willingly) until I met Jeremy. I can not believe that I never let myself indulge in something that I have grown to love so much! Jeremy recently got me hooked on Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and then of course I had to go back and watch the Terminator movies with Arnold in them! I rally liked them, but now I have been dreaming in Terminator!! I remember Jeremy looking at me in disbelief when we were dating when I told him I had never seen all the Star Wars movies or Matrix. He promptly sat me down and put them in the VCR(hehe) and enlightened me to Sci-Fi greatness!! I have always been a fan af Fantasy like Lord Of the Rings, so it really didnt surprise me that I loved it! I actually love most things! I think the reason it too me so long to discover it was because none of my friends and family that I hung around with liked it so we never watched it! I usually did what the group did! What I have found, to my sadness, is that most of the really good Sci-Fi shows get cancelled, why is that? I still have a lot of catching up to do, and my husband still cant believe that I havnt seen most stuff. Battlestar Galactica now, Trekky convention in the future!!


mama griffith, said...

so does this mean you are going to the new star treck movie comming out?! I watched alot of sci-fi since dad and brother were obsessed. Greg is master on all the calssic stuff. if you ever need help navigating through the shelves and jeremy isnt there to help you out Ill bring my star cruiser over and we can hit the galactic movie store together!!!

Michelle H said...

Hi! My husband is a Sci Fi geek, too. Right now Eureka is a fav. And your husband's a lucky guy- first that you were willing to watch what he likes(some wives are stinkers), and second, he's got a perfectly valid reason to watch all the old stuff all over again!! That movie coming out, District 9 looked good, but my husband looked it up on kids-in-mind and it's got 97 f words in it!! Maxed out on gore, too. Oh well! So I think I saw something with your name and coastline together, do you know Lori Miller? She's my sister's sister-in-law, such a sweetie. Well, nice "meeting" you!