Tuesday, June 15, 2010


(I know most of my posts are craft related, but not always!)

I am re-watching the series firefly, which I love, and this always leads to watching Serenity after I am done. Now with Serenity you are supposed to get a sense of completion when you watch it, it is supposed to wrap up the show. All I get is the sense of why in the heck did they cancel Firefly! It is a Sci-Fi Western, two of the best genres, I mean come on Space Cowboys, how do you get better than that? I just wish they could have finished what they started in a more satisfying way. We never find out certain things about certain characters that I know they wanted to get to eventually! I wish they could find a way to bring it back, was it just before its time maybe?

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MamaGriffith, said...

I have watched them both also. I like the movie better though. Have you seen the episode of big bang series where 'River' happens to be on the same train as main charactures. Funny stuff!