Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A little change and Titus' 4th birthday!

   Okay, my family left Facebook! So in order to easily share photos, stories, and updates for my non Facebook friends and family, I am updating my blog. It will still have crafty stuff, but it will mostly be about the Annat family life! Just thought I would throw the disclaimer in there if anyone still follows me from the craft only days!

 That was the change, now onto Titus' 4th birthday!

    He loves Ninja Turtles, and the powers that be have not caught up with the times, so no Ninja Turtle party supplies! So the the dollar tree I went, I found purple, blue, orange, and red table cloths, plates, and cups! A few serving dishes too! I then printed out and cut out A LOT of turtles, letters, and triangles to make the banner and the cup cake toppers! His favorite turtle is Leonardo, so his personal mini cake had him on it!  
    He told me who he wanted to invite, and it was really fun for him to help me make the list! We had personal pizzas for the kids to pick their own toppings, and I made OOZE with Sierra Mist and sherbet! 

We had so much fun celebrating with everyone!! 


These are a few New Years Eve Pictures!

Some of the pictures were blurry because my camera is old, so I super duper edited them! 

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Rebecca said...

Ahhh! Love all the pictures! Our New Years was so lame compared to yours!!!